Do you set up wedding ceremonies?

Our arbours/arches must be set up by a Amazing Moments CQ employee; we have wedding ceremony packages which include our full service and styling. However if you would like to set up all other items we are happy to provide you a quote for this option.


Who sets up our reception?

We have reception packages which include our full set up service and styling which we can provide a quote for. This will leave you with not having to worry about a thing all will be done for you.


Is there a minimum hire order?

There is no minimum hire order so whether you require 1 item or 100 items Amazing Moments CQ are happy to provide.


Do you require a deposit?

To be able to offer the items to you for your event day and time items cannot be held for you until your deposit is received and your terms and condition page has been signed and sent back to us. Your Invoice will have the amount of the deposit and 30 days from the date on Invoice deposit is to be paid.


When is full payment expected?

Your full payment is required to be paid 30 days prior to your event date. If your event is booked within the 30 days prior to your event date, full payment is expected.