Guests Gifts

Gifts for your guests eg:sugar coated almonds in a clear gift boxes.

Cheeky Favors

Wanting to give back some love to your family and friends with a small gift, check out the “Cheeky Favors” we have in stock:

  • Delicious chocolate mini squares which are personalize for you
  • Candles that smell amazing from the start to the last burn and are locally made
  • Eco-friendly heart shaped bird seed hangers – Love birds
  • Assorted sweets in containers for baby showers, weddings, birthdays
  • Stubby cooler personalized with wording, photo and colours
  • Personalized name on stone

When choosing the perfect gift to give, I would suggest matching it to your personalities and things that mean something to you eg: if you have been inseparable and love nature – the heart shaped birdseed which are Eco friendly and away for your guests giving back to nature. Also personalizing a gift is a beautiful way for your guests to remember what your special day meant to them, Cheeky Favors have stubbie coolers which can be printed with your photos and wording on or chocolates can be printed personalizing your day. A very special an unique way is having everyone’s individual names put on stone as a gift to take home and where they are to be seated at the reception.

Orders can be made through Amazing Moments CQ

These gifts are for sale as part of the Amazing Moments CQ range.


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