Wishing Wells

Glass and wood box to hold cards from your guests in fairy lights inside light up, the word cards on the front glass.
White wishing well

With many of us living with our partners long before we tie-the-knot, we have accumulated a lot of stuff and why at the wedding, bridal shower or engagement you chose a wishing well for a way for your guests contributing to something you really need and it can be a lot less hassle for them.

Giving your guests the option of donating to your wishing well means less stress of picking out a gift. Wishing well – meaning of a vessel to place cards, money and well wishes from your guests in. There are so many styles to choose from: wooden wells to boxes made from glass or wood, even an old vintage port or a birdcage, one of our most popular is the white wooden wishing well that is in the shape of a well, maybe popular because it needs no introduction self explanatory.

Also communicate in your invitation with a separate card explaining the wishing well option and if you know what the money will be use for.

Wishing Well

If you are thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way,

some cash towards our honeymoon would really make our day!

However, if you would prefer to give us a gift,

feel free to surprise us in your own way.



A wishing well is perfect for making sure that your friends and family don’t spend their hard earned money on things you don’t need.

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